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Aion kinah EU

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Alquima EU - Asmodians Alquima EU - Elyos
Aunhart EU - Asmodians Aunhart EU - Elyos

Balder EU - Asmodians Balder EU - Elyos
Barus EU - Asmodians Barus EU - Elyos

Calindi EU - Asmodians Calindi EU - Elyos
Curatus EU - Asmodians Curatus EU - Elyos

Delica RU - Asmodians Delica RU - Elyos

Gardarika RU - Asmodians Gardarika RU - Elyos

Kaziel RU - Asmodians Kaziel RU - Elyos
Kromede EU - Asmodians Kromede EU - Elyos

Lantis RU - Asmodians Lantis RU - Elyos

Nexus EU - Asmodians Nexus EU - Elyos

Perento EU - Asmodians Perento EU - Elyos

Spatalos EU - Asmodians Spatalos EU - Elyos
Suthran EU - Asmodians Suthran EU - Elyos

Telemachus EU - Asmodians Telemachus EU - Elyos
Terios RU - Asmodians Terios RU - Elyos
Thor EU - Asmodians Thor EU - Elyos

Urtem EU - Asmodians Urtem EU - Elyos

Vehalla EU - Asmodians Vehalla EU - Elyos

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