Shadow Fight 2 with impressive animations and a mix of action and RPG gameplay

Shadow Fight 2 brings the popular browser-based Facebook fighting game to iOS, with impressive animations and a mix of action and RPG gameplay that's perfect for the touch screen. That's the good news. The bad news is that the game exemplifies how not to do a freemium model. Asking you to wait short periods before advancing is one thing, but forcing you to use real money to purchase items really gets in the way of fun.

The animation and maneuvers are realistically depicted based from real to life combat forms and martial techniques. In addition to fists and feet, weapons animations are fluid and deadly. Impacts smack hard, and opponents who are struck by an attack flop around realistically taking advantage of a robust rag doll physics engine. It all looks very well animated and very shady.

This in itself is extremely unenjoyable due to the many flaws in the game’s combat system. After only a few campaign fights, I was overwhelmed by how unresponsive, clunky, and thoroughly dissatisfying the combat is. The pacing is frustrating due to your character’s lethargic movements, and your moves rarely even connect with your opponent due to the abysmal hit detection.

The fighting itself, even though you have a lot of control, is quite difficult, mainly because it’s so slow yet very fluent. It’s all about timing which involves a lot of practice.

The graphics of the game are delightfully simple. The characters are just silhouettes of fighters, which keeps the size of character models down nicely.

The backgrounds are quite simple too, but add just enough depth to make the fighting stand out. The animations is where the game really shines and the fighting looks so fluent it almost looks real.

Rather than using intricate and colorful character designs and costumes, Shadow Fight 2 uses silhouette-style characters with beautiful backdrops. If that seems like a cop-out, it isn't: what Shadow Fight 2 lacks in character art, it easily makes up for with realistic, physics-based fighting animations. The animations are so smooth that it almost seems real as you battle foe after foe.

Shadow Fight 2 is strictly an isolated individual experience, which aims to trap the single player into a more or less pay-to-play system, not unlike the arcades that I remember, but there’s no social element. This game could really benefit from a local vs. mode, and without having to pump gems into your phone please! Something is missing. It has potential but the business model got in the way. A ninja smoke screen has apparently been thrown in the eyes of the vast majority of the 5,000,000 downloaders who gave Shadow Fight 2 a full five star rating. Why do people accept this? Grasshoppers.

Gems, also known as Rubies or Crystals, are the premium currency of Shadow Fight 2 which can be used throughout the game. They can be used as a substitute for the primary currencies, as they allow the player to buy and upgrade equipment (except for knives, which can only be bought using coins). To enhance your adventure, you are allowed to buy Shadow Fight 2 Gems and Crystals at secure trading platform Z2U.com, discount price, instant delivery! All the products are offered by real players of this gameplay, no hack, no cheats, no ban, 100% safe! Feel free to contact our 24/7 live support if you have any concerns!

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