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FIFA 14 is a very popular game in the game world. All FIFA gamers are trying hardest with hours spent each day in building their best team. From, You will get a chance to buy cheap FIFA 14 ultimate team coins to buy some extremely good players to make your top bronze, top silver and top gold team. Enough FIFA 14 coins Will not only allow you to win all tournaments and matches, they could allow you to make more FIFA coins.

Our FIFA 14 Coins online store is a trusted website. It is a wise choice to buy FIFA 14 coins with fastest and safest delivery from our store. You can find many kinds of FIFA 14 coins here. Why not buy now? Our cheap and safe FIFA 14 coins will not let you down.

Who Are We ?
We Affiliate To The Gamegoldfirm Inc. Which Was Founded In 2007, Specialized In Producing Game Currency , Power leveling , Selling Game Services Etc. Of Europe And USA Online Games.
Now FIFA 14 Is Coming ,  To Ensure Enough Coins Supply, We Input 200 More Computers, 20 More Staffs On The Basis Of Producing FIFA 13 Coins With 100 Computers,30 Staffs. We Specialized In Producing FIFA 14 Coins Of PC Version , PS3 Version And XBOX 360 Version .

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Faq - FUT Coins:

Fifa 14 Coins - What is our refund policy?

(6CCE INC - Fifa 14 Coins service team) respect our customer's opinion, if you want to get a refund before delivery, please contact our Live Help, they will do your refund immediately!
Fifa 14 Coins - Will your account get banned by using our service?

No, many players ordered from us, none said they get banned by using our service, you just need to trade with us to get the gold them enjoy your own time!
Fifa 14 Coins - Why do we need your phone number?

We may need to call you for simple verification before delivery. Please make sure your phone number is able to be touched to complete your order with quickest speed around 30mins.
Fifa 14 Coins - Why do we need to call you when you have been our frequent customer?

Firstly, maybe there are some problems with your order like mis-spelt character or choosing wrong server. Secondly, when you are not online but can be able to receive gold, we can call you immediately to collect your gold. Thirdly, For larger order, we need to confirm your identity and legitimate possession of the card or PayPal account you are using. This serves to decrease fraud and deter scammers, something which benefits all our customers and MMORPG players. Fourthly, If you are worried about an order or have not managed to resolve an issue via e-mail, we may call you to assure you and help resolve any problems you are having.
Fifa 14 Coins - Fifa 14 Coins - Which kind of payment you can use to order on our site?

We can accept PayPal, Western Union, Moneybookers and Bank Transfer. We prefer you to use PayPal cause your order will be processed more quickly than others. If you only can use Bank Transfer, please let our Live Help know your full order information after you sent payment to us immediately.
Fifa 14 Coins - How long can you get your gold after order placed?

All of our customers praise our delivery time cause of our full stock. As to make sure this online transaction to be more safer, we may need to do some certain degree of verification, such as e-mail and phone call. You also can contact our live Help too.
Fifa 14 Coins - How to trade FUT Coins with our guy in game?

Usually, when our guy login game, he will whisper you in game to tell you the trading place, if it is very difficult or impossible for you to go there, you can ask him to go to your land to find you.
Fifa 14 Coins - What is a pending e-check, and why do I need to wait for it to clear?

A pending e-check is a type of payment option available to Paypal. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically. Just like normal checks, pending e-checks take a few days to clear while Paypal verifies the funds which are present within the senders account. Once your payment has been completed, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Fifa 14 Coins -  What is (6CCE INC - Fifa 14 Coins service team) Affiliate Program?
(6CCE INC - Fifa 14 Coins service team) Affiliate Program is free to join, easy to sign-up and it requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment.
Fifa 14 Coins - What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?

(6CCE INC - Fifa 14 Coins service team) takes the protection of our clients personal information very seriously. We have various systems in place to screen each and every order for anything that might seem amiss, and since our operation runs 24/7 without closing, so that we are vigilant. Additionally, the information submitted will never be disclosed to any third party.

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