World of Warcraft subscriptions up sharply thanks to WOW Classic

The Superdata Institute has just published its estimates of the economic health of the gaming market last August: the revenue generated by the subscription to World of Warcraft would have increased by 223% between July and August thanks to WOW Classic.

A logical increase and Blizzard can be pleased. After all, we can see that this is a secret boot to revive subscriptions. It remains to be seen now how the community will react in the long term and if the trend will remain in this direction now that we have retouched to the joys of the intensive farm and the rediscovery of the Stranglethorn Valley.


Each month, the Superdata Institute publishes its estimates of the economic health of the gaming industry and offers a ranking of titles that have generated the largest turnover in recent weeks. If figures are to be considered for what they are ("estimates", by definition unverifiable), these month-by-month rankings nevertheless allow us to define some major trends.

Without specifying its method of calculation, Superdata estimates that the turnover generated by World of Warcraft subscriptions would have increased by 223% between July and August, even if the income would remain lower than that generated a year earlier by the launch. of the Battle for Azeroth extension - and that's understandable since Battle for Azeroth assumed the purchase of a copy of the extension in addition to the subscription, when WOW Classic is simply unlocked by subscribing to the subscription to the current version of the MMORPG.

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