World of Warcraft Shadowlands players can collect the Ancient Wanderer mount for free

Back in September 2020, the World of Warcraft team asked players what they would want as their next mount. The options players had to choose from were pretty varied, including a spider-like Nerubian Swarmer and a Soaring Spelltome -- an actual book that players would be able to fly around the world with as a mount, should that option have won the survey poll. Regardless, the winning option would be given to everyone who had the WoW Shadowlands expansion active on their account when the update hit sometime in the first quarter of this year.

By logging into World of Warcraft Shadowlands, players can collect the Ancient Wanderer mount for free.

In the picture you can see that a person (in this case a person) is sitting on the head of the wandering ancestors. Since there is still a seat directly behind it, it may even be a two-seater mount. Or the model of the rider has not yet been finally placed. It is still not entirely clear what the exact texture of the mount will look like. Because on the screens on the right and left there are two completely different looking ancients. The polygon model in the middle is more reminiscent of the left variant with the two seats.

A tree to rule all other trees
So, when World of Warcraft players got together and discussed what the game was lacking the conclusion was, apparently, close to unanimous. The people wanted giant ridable trees. So the people have been given giant ridable trees.

It’s unclear if players asked that these trees come packaged with a complimentary grub that rides just behind your character, but they got that too.

Honestly, the trees look pretty cool, and deep down I wish the games I played listened to my feedback half as much as Blizzard does to World of Warcraft players.

Each region in the World of Warcraft has its own distinct style and climate, so it remains to be seen exactly how the Wandering Ancient will change with the seasons. Maybe it will just change to match the foliage as players progress through the game. Because the mount is free for all existing Shadowlands players, everyone will get to try it out for themselves pretty soon.

So there you have it. The first “special community mount” in World of Warcraft is a beautiful, colour-changing, bloody huge tree. Enjoy, you loveable bunch.

How do you like the first view of the Wandering Urtum? Are you looking forward to the mounted tree or are you already afraid of not being able to fit through a door or archway?

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