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Nazgrel-Horde 10000 Gold $ 7.00
Nazgrel-Horde 20000 Gold $ 13.30
Nazgrel-Horde 30000 Gold $ 19.95
Nazgrel-Horde 40000 Gold $ 26.60
Nazgrel-Horde 50000 Gold $ 33.25
Nazgrel-Horde 60000 Gold $ 39.90
Nazgrel-Horde 70000 Gold $ 46.55
Nazgrel-Horde 80000 Gold $ 53.20
Nazgrel-Horde 90000 Gold $ 59.85
Nazgrel-Horde 100000 Gold $ 66.50
Nazgrel-Horde 150000 Gold $ 99.75
Nazgrel-Horde 200000 Gold $ 133.00
Nazgrel-Horde 300000 Gold $ 199.50

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Due to our large gold stock on WOW Nazgrel Horde, we can guarantee instant & complete delivery of your WOW Nazgrel Horde Gold. We deliver all goods as soon as possible.

1. All WOW orders are traded by Face-to-Face to insure the safety of the Nazgrel Horde gold, therefore please use the character that you play most frequently online for the pickup.

2. For a smooth and convenient delivery, 6cce recommend you to contact our Live Help,tell us your usual online hours—the in game time period, which is very helpful for a quick transaction.

3. Please supply a phone number & Email that you can be reached most time of the day so that we can contact you when the gold is ready.

4. Never give your Nazgrel Horde gold to anyone once you receive it, because fraudulent activities are taking place frequently and increasingly. We will never ask you to give the WOW Nazgrel Horde gold back after trading!

Sincere apologies if this may cause any inconvenience to you, hoping that you may understand this new delivery mode is chosen for your safety concern. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further inquires.

Your understanding and support are greatly honored and appreciated!

Thank you and have fun!

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