Crema is ready to share its future plans for Temtem

Temtem is still in early access, and will be for the forseeable future, but that just means players have a lot of changes to look forward to. Crema, the studio behind the Pokémon-inspired MMO, released a short-term roadmap on its blog Tuesday, which details some of the fixes and features that'll be added to the game over the next year. This includes two new islands, around 50 new Temtem, a spectator mode, a matchmaking system, and an explanation as to how it'll be handling game balance.

Crema doesn’t list specific dates, just general timeframes, noting that some planned features may be delayed or tweaked along the course of development.

“Please, keep in mind that every detail discussed here is not 100% confirmed for the game,” Crema notes in the blog post announcing the upcoming additions. “During the game’s development cycle, ideas change constantly and stuff we like today we might not like as much tomorrow. So take everything in here not as confirmed facts, but more like the stuff we would like to include in the game.” If you are in lack of Temtem Pansun, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

That applies to dates included in the roadmap as well: "We're not really big fans of having public dates for everything, they add a lot of unnecessary pressure on the team and they make making changes and swapping features around a very difficult task. We know everyone else likes dates though, so we’ve decided to include open dates for each block of features. Take them with a grain of salt and expect delays and features moved around dates."

Crema has gone a little more in-depth with some of these features in its latest blog post. Part two of Temtem's content roadmap - which includes the Trading House, Dojo Wars, and a new end-game island - will be detailed tomorrow.

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