WoW Classic,Fall Conquest is scheduled to run

Esports are poised to swoop into World of Warcraft Classic with a fantastic new event called Fall Conquest.

Blizzard has revealed that World of Warcraft: Classic will actually be part of the company's official sports program, and this will begin as early as next month. This is where the WoW Classic Fall Conquest kicks off, which runs from 3 to 18 October.

After a first tournament that took place during the summer in Warsong Gulch, Azeroth's greatest warriors will be able to return to competition this fall. Blizzard has decided to organize an online tournament pitting the best teams of 15 players against each other in the Arathi Basin, the famous battlefield. The competition will be open to all players with a level 60 character (see eligibility criteria) and will take place in two phases, on different dates for Europe and North America. The best teams will then share a cash prize of $ 6,000 per region.

In the following you will find all important information about the tournament, the registration and the prizes:

  •     Teams of 15 players each register for their region. All eligible players who have a character at level 60 on a live server from WoW (buy now € 15.00) Classic can register. Here you will find all requirements   for participation and registration for the NA region and here for the EU region!
  •     The tournament consists of two phases in each region: the qualification phase and the finals.
  •      Registration for the qualification phase is open.
  •      The six best teams from each region compete in the finals.
  •     The teams battle each other on the live servers using the test of strength, which allows players to face other teams from their region on the battlefield.
  •     The six best teams from North America and Europe will each compete for a total of 6,000 USD in prize money.
  •     Further information can be found in the complete set of rules on the registration pages for NA and EU.

The tournament will use the War Game feature to invite players to matches. Registrations will be open from September 15 to October 1 for Europe. For more information Blizzard has posted an article on its official website including the tournament rules. Find Above the official competition calendar.

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