V4 is New MMORPG for iOS and Android

Nexon’s newest cross-platform MMORPG phenomenon, V4, launches on mobile and PC.The latest massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) from NEXON Korea Corporation, a subsidiary of NEXON, a world leader in free Online and mobile games. In the second half of 2020, heroes worldwide can immerse themselves in V4 on iOS and Android, Raise your weapon and deal critical damage across a gorgeous open world.

Explore a breathtaking world rendered in exquisite detail, customize your character exactly the way you desire, and level up your gear to prepare for massive battles across dimensions! Will you bring peace? Or war? Enter the world of V4 and discover victory beyond boundaries!

In A Fight, If You Want To Maximize Your Advantages, You Have To Rely On V4 Red Gems. V4 Red Gems is one of the most valuable currency on the V4 Global marketplace. You can use V4 Red Gems to enter Phantom Abyss at any time from any place or donate Red Gems to gain Guild EXP and Guild Coins.You can also go to to buy cheap V4 Red Gems.

V4 also has a special server structure. There is basically one main server that everyone is playing on. However, this is divided into several so-called inter-servers, which are all interrelated and enable, for example, World PvP.

Featuring six offense-focused classes including Enchantress, Slayer, Knight, Warlord, Gunslinger and BoomBlade, each class in V4 allows players the opportunity to deal maximum damage and destruction as they navigate through the adventure-packed environment.Offering over 50 customization options, personalize characters with lustrous weapons and armor to aid them in battle and unlock their true potential. is providing the great service with instant delivery and lowest price in this game marketplace right now.What’s more, no matter when you buy V4 Red Gems from us, fast delivery and responsive customer support make you no worries.

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