Trackmania has just revealed a brand new mode, three-on-three matchmaking

Trackmania has just revealed a brand new mode, three-on-three matchmaking. This new addition to the series was designed for gamers with a competitive spirit, as well as for those who would like to have fun with their friends. Moreover, this feature is included in the free version of the game, which means that anyone can participate.

Released last July, the new Trackmania reboot launched its fashion matchmaking and 3v3. A brand new Ranked Match option that is currently in beta and which will be improved over time. Nadeo is already announcing some new features to come, such as row images or multi group management with friends.

Matchmaking 3V3 is currently in Beta phase. The goal is to improve it over time. There will be new features that will arrive, such as rank pictures, and being able to group with friends. The ranks as well as the point gains, which we will talk about in this article, are also subject to changes.

Latest News – changelog
The matchmaking mode is already receiving updates, and here are changes!

  •     Added a sound when your match is ready
  •     Increased the finish timeout at the end of each round
  •     Fixed multiple focus and navigation issue in the matchmaking menu
  •     Fixed the progress bar issue where it would display “1000/1000” for example
  •     Fixed the time difference in live ranking. They now show the milliseconds correctly
  •     Added the possibility to click on the match id in order to set it in your clipboard
  •     Fixed colors of the time gap UI
  •     Fixed an issue where you would rejoin your match after leaving it
  •     Fixed an issue with the length of the text “match starts in…”

As in every competitive game, there are ranks assigned to players based on their performance. In Trackmania there are 11 different ranks:

    Unclassified at 0 points
    Beginner I at 1000 points
    Beginner II at 1250 points
    Beginner III at 1500 points
    Challenger I at 2000 points
    Challenger II at 2250 points
    Challenger III at 2,500 points
    Master I at 3000 points
    Master II at 3500 points
    Master III at 4000 points
    Trackmaster at 5,000 points

Trackmaster is equivalent to the top 10 for now, but it is likely to increase depending on the number of players reaching this milestone. Namely, the best player in the match will get bonus points. Note that the MVP can be part of the losing team.

This last rank is considered for the moment as the top 10 but could be increased according to the number of points that the best players obtain on average. This 3v3 mode is free and more Ranked modes will be coming soon.

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