The Highly Anticipated Cygnus Knights Have Finally Arrived in MapleStory M

Like most of the new line of RPG games, MapleStory M has an optional auto-play feature available only for quests. This controversial feature which is also known as playing the game without playing is increasingly accepted and the positive uses simply outweigh the negative. A brief description of the game resources and tips on farming and using are presented below. There are also a few tips on the best way to spend them. If you are spending a lot of real money on this game, then you can skip this section.


The requirements are all about how many stars you have on your equipment combined. And at the start, you may not want to invest in putting any stars on your equipment because it may be your base equipment or not anything high ranked. But the very best overall way to gain EXP in Maplestory M is by joining a party. Join a party and go into Star Force areas and you’ll see the quick EXP flow.


Gain EXP in Maplestory M


Make sure to watch the MapleStory M developer vlog to find out what fun content and events are coming along with the legendary Cygnus Knights update. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Buy Maplestory M Trading kindly go to our site. Now you can devastate your foes by playing as the mighty Dawn Warrior, shadowy Night Walker, electrifying Thunder Breaker, scorching Blaze Wizard, or devastating Wind Archer. Many classes will merely require one particular pair of perfect trio skills, the remainder of the node slots can be filled dependent on personal preference.


The high-pitched songs can get annoying sometimes, especially in case you've been playing the game for extended periods of time. Players may create quite a few characters in each world, although the characters in a assortment of worlds can not interact with each other. MapleStory M will also host 2 new events from now until October 9th, 2018 to help new, returning and active players.


The new class consists of 5 main characters from the original MapleStory who fight to protect Empress Cygnus and defeat the Black Mage to bring justice to the Maple world. When you got one, concentrate on updating and ranking this up. Regardless, it is still true that you get a ranked up gear even in case you don't get an excess emblem to it. If you're the not-so-lucky ones then get your very best weapon from the trade industry. Autoplay in this game means letting an alt auto play its missions so that you can level up without doing anything. Autoplay only works for quests, and quests are the main way to earn XP in Maplestory.


Grinding in a full party is by far the fastest and most efficient way to get EXP in the game. And grinding in Star Force Field with a party is at the top of the priority list for overall grinding. In most games when you join a party the EXP gained is split amongst the players. But in Maplestory M there is no split and everyone makes the same amount per kill.


Due to limited in-game resources, players should focus more on their weapon first before the armors. The best weapons go to the luckiest persons. If you are the not-so-lucky ones then get your best weapon from the trade market. With your knowledge on the max damage and the recommended best weapon, buy that type of regular weapons from the trade market and good luck on getting one with max damage.

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