The Goblin Priest is just the first of many unusual bosses you’ll meet in Soul Knight

Soul knight was created by ChillyRoom and was released on the 17th of February 2017. It belongs to a dungeon rogue-like genre. If you have played games like this (like The Binding of Isaac), it is a nice game under this genre and platform. It has over 800 thousand reviews with an average of 4.5 rating in google play and 4.8 rating in app store. Not bad right? The game is more on adventure and exploring dungeons, collecting treasures and weapons, fighting with ghosts, aliens, and monsters. It features unique heroes with unique abilities, weapons according to it’s rarity and critical hit, buffs you can choose after every quests and different types of bosses in every level.

Every class brings different health and armor to the table and energy amounts to the table, but what really sets them apart are the active cooldown skills. The knight, for example, can dual wield any weapon for a short time, naturally costing twice the energy per shot. But don’t discount a knight dual wielding his starting pistol. It’s a formidable combo. These skills can be used infinitely and you only have to wait for them to recharge, which they do so very quickly. And if you want to buy Soul Knight Accounts, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Soul Knight is not an easy game. Bullet hell games were never easy especially for casual players of this genre. There are some bosses that are really hard to kill especially when you play solo and set the difficulty to “Badass” mode. Though it requires a fair amount of skill to find a bullet hell flaw and dodge a bullet wave, it is still fun to play.

Soul Knight is still in its unreleased version so there’s still gonna be something that can be expected in its full release. But despite that, the game already feels like a complete game that just needs some minor adjustments. There are no annoying ads (so far) but you can watch some ads in exchange for some points, which you can do on your own accord. Some characters require real cash for them to be unlocked but they’re quite cheap. As of now, since the game is still in its beta state, it’s best to wait for its full release before spending a lot. If you are a fan of dungeon crawlers and shooter games and you’re looking for something to play during short breaks, then you might want to give Soul Knight a try.

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