New World is being delayed to Spring 2021

Cheap New World Gold If you've been waiting to get your hands on Amazon Games' upcoming MMO New World you're going to be waiting a while longer. New World is being delayed to Spring 2021 per a letter from the studio director today. New World was previously delayed from May to August 25 as a result of the global pandemic affecting development. This decision was made as a result of feedback that has been gathered during the Alpha Test.

A New God will introduce new types of puzzles as Fenyx ascends to Olympos to take on a series of trials built by the gods in a bid earn a place among the Inner Circle of the Pantheon.

Myths of the Eastern Realm will see players take control of a new hero martial artist Ku in a story inspired by Chinese mythology. It will feature a new open world with its own deities and exotic monsters.

How is that player-first philosophy manifested in New World? There's no subscription fee for starters. You pay for the game once and you gain access to its entire world; a mysterious supernatural isle called Aeternum that's about to become the next frontier for 17th century colonists.

“Everyone interprets things differently,” Lane said. “The way I interpret the lore is that people come here and they are corrupted. By greed. That turns you into a different person. The people you’re attacking are full of greed and corruption. We think of it as a pre-apocalypse. They want to spread this corruption back to the whole world. We’re going to explain some of this starting with our trailer.”

The New World servers run on Amazon Web Services a cutting edge cloud network infrastructure that resembles just one of the advantages that come from being part of one of the biggest companies in the world and allows the studio to host up to 10,000 players per server. Through its Alpha Amazon Game Studios has already been able to identify some of the blind spots in New World's architecture but Verfaillie says that the upcoming Beta will finally allow the team to test its ambitious MMO experiment at scale.

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