Roblox’s kid developers make enough ‘robux’ to pay for college

These teenagers have grown up with Roblox a place where young developers (both boys and increasingly girls) can create their own games and make “robux,” or in-game currency from them. And as the online world surpasses 56 million monthly active users (up from 30 million in December) those young developers are finding they can make enough money — converting robux into real money — to pay for college and more. The players engage with Roblox for 496 million hours a month. User-generated content (UGC) is thriving and these teens and Roblox itself are riding the wave.

Dave Baszucki CEO and cofounder of Roblox said in an interview with GamesBeat that platform is benefiting from network effects as more people realize it’s a fun platform to play and make friends. Roblox has more than 1.7 million developers and the company has already paid $18 million to developers in revenue sharing. Two individual developers are closing in on $2 million in revenue from their Roblox games. And Baszucki is announcing today that Roblox expects to pay out more than $30 million in revenue to players in 2017 compared to $5.5 million in 2016. Roblox’s top games are now making over $100,000 a month.

To date developers have made 29 million games. Baszucki said teams and studios are forming to make multiplatform Roblox games and Roblox itself raised $92 million in funding back in March.

The payments to developers are the latest evolution of what Silicon Valley futurist Paul Saffo calls the “creator economy,” where users move beyond consumption to creation.

Roblox shares about 30 percent of the proceeds with developers who convert robux into dollars. Baszucki said that the split makes sense because Roblox invests heavily in the infrastructure and it is reinvesting the money in growth which will generate even more money for the young developers. Last week Roblox hit No. 1 in terms of downloads in the Google Play store.

Grace Francisco vice president of developer relations at Roblox said in an interview that the company realizes it has an opportunity to change the diversity of the tech industry in a grassroots bottom-up way. It is the beginning of the pipeline with users who are under 10 learning the Lua computer language and growing up with it.

The game used to be about 90 percent male in earlier days. Now it is more than 40 percent female in the U.S. Among the developers the majority are ages 13 to 20. Roblox encourages the most talented developers with internships. The accelerator is now in the third year and the applications are growing. The incubator program is newer where the developers are encouraged to push the limits of the platform. At the end of the day the developers own the intellectual property.

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