Phantasy Star Online 2 finally hit PC

PSO2 Meseta Phantasy Star Online 2 finally hit PC last month but it’s safe to say the launch wasn’t entirely smooth. The MMORPG launched exclusively on the Windows Store and issues between the client and the store itself forced many players to turn to the fan-made PSO2 Tweaker tool for support. Now it seems the relief of a Steam version is coming sooner rather than later.

phantasy star online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 first released out of Open Beta officially on Xbox One here in North America back on April 15th and since then it’s been rolling right along. Rather than being one large open world of connected zones like lots of other MMOs PSO2 is instead more lobby-based. Players link up with other players in the central meeting area and then head out on expeditions and missions from there into bite-sized procedural zones that are heavy on action and light on exposition. Combat is a bit like Devil May Cry meets Monster Hunter.

"With the launch of PSO2 on PC North American Xbox One and PC players can now unite in-game," said Fred White PSO2 TEAM North America's Head of Marketing. "Crossplay enables all players to play together with game progress linked between the platforms. Our goal is to provide players with even more ways to connect with each other."

PSO2 on PC is just a few more hours away from release so you won’t have to wait much longer to dive in as a new ARK and clear out all of the falspawn across the galaxy.

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