Path of Exile Witch Builds for Beginners (Updated for Harvest 3.11): POE Witch Leveling Build

What is the best witch build path of exile? If you want to find answer, then you can check our short guide of all hot and pop Witch builds in PoE, including Necromancer, Elementalist, and Occultist builds.


1. [Harvest] PoE 3.11 Witch Vortex Cold Snap Occultist Starter Build

The build uses Chaos Inoculation, that makes you 100% unsusceptible to all resources of mayhem damage, including poison. However, you'll have 1 HP and also for that reason need to cover yourself with Energy Shield alone. The build makes use of Chaos Inoculation, which makes you 100% unsusceptible to all sources of mayhem damage, including poisonous substance. Nevertheless, you'll have 1 HP and also for that reason need to cover yourself with Energy Shield alone. Besides this, the build slows down enemies down as well as makes use of a large EHP swimming pool to be as tanky as possible. For greater budget plan builds, you can also throw in Temporal Chains allowing for much more slow-moving impacts on enemies. For higher budget builds, you can likewise throw in Temporal Chains permitting a lot more sluggish effects on enemies.


2. Vaal Summon Skeletons Necromancer (PoE 3.11)

First of all, we have the Vaal Summon Skeletons Necromancer build and you guessed it, skeletons are our best friend. With Vaal Summon Skeletons as our main source of damage it is a complete bone fest. Yes, that may sound weird but true. Linked with support gems such as Minion Damage, Feeding Frenzy, Brutality, and Ruthless, your skeletons will completely obliterate your foes while they take all the damage. On top of Summon Skeletons, you can still use Raise Zombies as we discussed earlier to command an even larger army of darkness. Since 99% of your damage is your minions, you can dive deep into the strength portion of the skill tree to get as tanky as possible.


3. Elementalist Build Guide (PoE 3.11)



Physical Summon Carrion Golem builds an affordable build, yet you require some distinct jewels, as well as those are could be pricey for league starter build. The core of the build is Primordial gems equipping our golems. These jewels allow us to run 4 Carrion Golems in complete, granting them some cooldown healing so they can use their Cascade attack more often for intense and likewise a great deal of damages. We after that rub Carrion Golems with our Zombies. For defenses, the build is stacking life as well as armor. Armor is then utilized in conjunction with Bone Armor as well as Vaal Molten Shell to provide individuals a substantial temporary shield. As well as with colossal life pool, we use Cast When Damage Taken and also Spirit Offering to recover us for around 15% of optimal life each time we get hit. We also stack some life regrowth to endure sustained hits as well as dots passively.


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