NBA 2K22 signals a re-ascension for the finest sports gaming franchise

NBA 2K22 signals a re-ascension for the finest sports gaming franchise of the last two decades. Last year, the game had strengths, but it had gaps too: Franchise mode wasn’t always stable (I lost several simulations after Year 10), the on-court gameplay had a series of minor frustrations, and several star players didn’t look like, well, themselves. Chalk it up to the first year of next-gen consoles, perhaps, and the challenges of developing in the COVID era.

NBA 2K22 is available on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch. Since there are several differences between the current-gen and next-gen versions, it’s important to note that this review is focusing on the next-gen edition.

Considering there's pretty much exactly the same core contingent of modes on offer as ever for this 2022 update, for the most part fans of the franchise will know what to expect at this stage. MyCareer, MyTeam, Blacktop, the WNBA, MyLeague and a bevvy of online options all make a return and, although the career mode has been shaken up a bit, it's pretty much business as usual outside of this. The fancy next-gen versions of NBA 2K22 may have a new City area to play around in this year but, unfortunately, this aspect of the game hasn't made it over to the Switch or other last-gen consoles.

The good:

  •     The animations are improved
  •     Dice rolls have been either eliminated or had their impact lessened, this game takes more skill
  •     Difficulty levels are solid this year – All Star difficulty is closer to NBA-feel than ever
  •     Dribbling is more challenging and less spammy
  •     Shooting is mostly fixed. The new system relies more on skill but uses stamina as a measure of meter-size. This is much, much improved over last year
  •     Everything feels smoother – navigating menus, transitioning between animations (such as pull-up fade-aways or chained dribble moves), and even passing and defending

NBA 2K22’s MyNBA is the game’s resident franchise mode. In MyNBA, players can craft and customize their own franchise from conference alignment to rule changes. You can add the ability to earn skills for your GM, adjust the training schedule for your roster, and even more role-playing elements.

Another slight blind spot for the Franchise mode: Fake players. Right now, the G-League rosters are filled with fake players, and those players very easily grow in ratings to become factors as your Franchise mode rolls on. Dealing with this can be annoying and ruin the immersion of the mode. Ideally, NBA 2K would roll out a full G-league roster, but in lieu of that, you have the current annoyance. It’s not awful, but boy, is it annoying to gaming purists.

NBA 2K22 is another fine entry in the franchise that continues the developer's habit of delivering satisfyingly solid ports of their basketball sims on Nintendo Switch. Yes, most of the modes don't try anything massively new — beyond MyCareer's revamped Neighbourhood setting — and the loading screens will have you pulling your hair out from time to time, but refined core gameplay and enough content to keep you playing until the end times make this one an easy recommendation for b-ball fans.

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