NBA 2K18,will be launched other gaming platforms in September this year

"NBA 2K" games base its stats and other gameplay narratives on recent events and statistics from the latest National Basketball Association season.Fearless forecasts suggest that the upcoming sports simulation video game "NBA 2K18" could also be released in September on other gaming platforms.

NBA 2K18 is one of the most beloved basketball simulation game by sports enthusiast. In NBA 2K18, gamers can collect their favorite NBA player cards and legends to build a luxurious dream team. There are various player cards at different level in NBA 2K18, such as bronze, silver, black and so on. In addition to fighting with AI, they can also compete with opponents from other parts of the world. However, without enough coins, they will end thier game quickly. NBA 2K18 MT is Virtual currency used for purchasing player card and other accessories in the game.

Meanwhile, there are claims that the exact release date could be on the last Sunday or on the 24th of September while other reports suggest another date in the same month.

However, a Sunday may also seem an unlikely schedule for the launch of "NBA 2K18" especially when its predecessor titles, "NBA 2K16" and "NBA 2K17," were made available on a Tuesday. Thus, other reports bet on Sept. 19 as another possible release date for the upcoming game.

Meanwhile, apart from "NBA 2K18's" release date, another topic that fans love to speculate on is the identity of the NBA player to be celebrated on the game's official cover and posters.

Though developers are yet to give fans and players an exact date for the game's release, "NBA 2K18" has already been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch and is slated to launch sometime in September 2017 as indicated in the game's official page on Nintendo's website. What remains unconfirmed right now is if it is the same case for other gaming platforms.

Fans claim that while a definite release date is naturally impossible to figure out at the moment, it is still feasible to make an educated guess. Considering that "NBA 2K16" and "NBA 2K17" were both released in September, there is a high chance that the scenario will be the same for the upcoming installment.

In a report from The Bitbag, some players are named as the most likely choices for the upcoming video game. Houston Rockets' James Harden is not just rooted on by many to be the season's most valuable player, he is also one of the most probable players to represent "NBA 2K18."

Since the current season started, Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook has been constantly making headlines for making triple double stats in almost every game. Earlier this month, he had already broken the league's triple double records landing his 42nd after a game against Denver Nuggets. With that, it would not hurt to see him on the front cover of the video game as well.

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