Microsoft’s Fluid Framework is now open source

Fluid Framework was one of the sleeper hits of Microsoft’s 2019 Build developer conference. The idea behind the Fluid Framework is to provide developers with a new platform for building low-latency collaborative experiences around documents — and Microsoft itself is using it to do just that by rethinking some of the workflows in its own Office applications.

Now, for the first time, it is building Fluid Framework into a couple of key productivity apps, starting with Outlook and In addition, Microsoft is also open-sourcing the Fluid Framework and making the code available on GitHub within the next few weeks.

The Fluid Workspace will start rolling out 'soon' to Microsoft 365 Enterprise and education subscribers who sign up for Targeted Release (what used to be Office Insider).But Microsoft is also open sourcing the Fluid Framework so that those components can work in third-party applications and websites – without any connection to SharePoint – as well as for Microsoft 365 developers who build apps and add-ons. If you are in lack of Microsoft Office CD Key, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

At the heart of the Fluid Framework is Microsoft’s attempt to move away from the decades-old idea of creating and saving documents. Typically, you find the app that lets you create a table, chart, or list of tasks, and then you make a document, save it, and share it so people can contribute collaboratively. That’s how Google Docs works, allowing multiple people to jump in and edit a document in real time. It’s something we keep seeing in new web-based apps, and it helped make Docs a success at a time when Microsoft was still focused on dedicated desktop-focused apps.

Microsoft is now trying to meet Office users right where they’re working on daily tasks. The idea is to be able to create these Fluid components in any app and then immediately share them without switching to a dedicated app in the first place.

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