KartRider Drift is coming to Xbox One and PC

At X019, Nexon revealed that KartRider: Drift is coming to Xbox One and PC, marking the franchise’s debut in the West.

KartRider screeched onto the scene in 2004, boasting over 300 million players across Asia and sparking an esports craze for the game in Korea. Now, it's coming to Xbox One and PC and will introduce Western fanbases to the intuitive and unique racing experiences. There’s something for everyone with three modes, including Time Attack for rookies and a breakneck Speed Mode, which uses “hard-to-master drifting techniques for players looking for a greater challenge.” In addition, players are encouraged to express their personality with extensive customisation options from their kart to their character design.

After shutting down nearly everywhere but South Korea and China some time back, Nexon’s KartRider is returning to the West. However, it’s doing it under a slightly new name — Kartrider: Drift. The free-to-play, cross-platform Mario Kart-esque game hasn’t officially launched yet but is getting ready to roll into a short closed beta on December 5. If you need Buy KartRider Drift Credits, you can visit our site

This isn’t exactly the same game as before. Kartrider: Drift features Unreal Engine 4 graphics and is optimized to offer a solid cross-platform online experience. The game allows players on both Xbox One and PC to play together. It features three modes as well as character customization and kart customization. And, as with any competitive online game, it promises seasonal content.

To sign up for the closed beta, head to the official website. When it launches on December 6, participants will have access to Time Atack, Item Mode and Speed Mode. Item Mode is “easy to learn,” while Speed Mode “offers hard-to-master” drifting. Built using the Unreal Engine 4, KartRider: Drift is fully optimised for online and has been designed to deliver the best experience possible. Planned content for the game includes evolving seasonal updates and more.

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