How to reserve your World of Warcraft Classic character name

Later this month on August 27, the floodgates will be opened and World of Warcraft Classic will finally arrive. Given that folks are understandably invested in this massive time sink of a game, Blizzard is allowing for certain pre-launch concessions, most notably the ability to reserve your name ahead of time. Starting today at 6PM ET, Blizzard will let folks pre-select realms (servers) and reserve your names so that you can coordinate with friends and play together. To do so you need to active subscription on your account, and you can reserve up to three characters today.

To start this process, you need to open the client, find World of Warcraft, and change the version to World of Warcraft Classic. If you have multiple World of Warcraft accounts, you may need to change that as well. Then you need to install Classic to your PC, and hit play once it’s ready for launch. When you’re in the game, select a server, faction, race, and class. You can fully customize your character’s look as well as their name. After you create your character, you don’t have much to do other than wait for World of Warcraft Classic’s Aug. 26 release date. Note that you must have a active World of Warcraft subscription to reserve your Classic characters. If you are in lack of World of Warcraft Classic Mounts, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Blizzard also notes that all of your characters in a PvP server must be aligned with the same faction. That's a fair limitation. Otherwise, you could scope out PvP targets on your Horde character and then quickly switch to Alliance for an ambush.

WoW Classic name reservation: How it works

The process is pretty simple. Here's a quick rundown of how to get into WoW Classic and reserve your preferred name.

1.    Install WoW Classic (it's a little hidden)
2.    Choose your realm carefully
3.    Create a character and name it accordingly

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