How to Buy and Sell Turnip in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Turnip is a special item in the Animal Crossing series, which can be understood as a futures or stock in Animal Crossing. They can only be purchased on Sundays, and you need to sell them within a limited time: within a week. If you do not sell them within a week, they will rot. Their prices fluctuate like the stock market, so you may lose money or make money, depending on when you sell them.


The purchase time is from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM every Sunday. Daisy Mae will linger on your island. She is easy to identify: Turnip on her head. During this time, Daisy Mae will sell you Turnip at a predetermined price of 90-110 Bells. The lower the price, the better for you. You can buy them in the form of 10 stacks, carry as many as you can, or make multiple trips. You can easily invest all of your wealth into Turnip, many of them are fine.


How Turnip Play A Role In Animal Crossing: How To Get High-priced Turnip In Daisy Mae's Stalk Market

When to buy Turnip from Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae's Turnip prices vary every Sunday, ranging from 90 bels to 100 bels. In any case, you must buy 10 packs in bundles. Buying Turnip under 100 bells is usually a good choice. Consider writing down the price at which you purchased them, or taking a screenshot of the price for reference.


If you have friends playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, be sure to check their prices. If the price is cheap, you can visit their town and buy Turnip from Daisy Mae. There are also applications, such as Turnip Prophet, which allow you to predict price fluctuations and major peaks.


When should I sell Turnip?

You can buy Turnips at a fixed price from Daisy Mae every Sunday. Except Sundays, Nook's Cranny will provide a certain price for Turnips every day. Just like stocks, their value changes every day. The key here is to check once a day and try to sell Turnips at a price that exceeds the price you pay. Usually, the price ranges from 35 bels to 200 bels per Turnip, so please check daily to make sure you don't miss it.


Obviously, you always want to sell Turnip to Timmy & Tommy instead of buying Turnip from Daisy Mae on Sunday. It’s not a bad idea to record the price of your purchase yourself, so you won’t accidentally fall into a negative state. The Turnip stem market strategy ultimately comes down to the risk you are willing to take – if you see a price of 150 on Tuesday, do you hold that view and make a small profit, or risk holding a higher price later this week?


According to the information obtained from the game code, the highest price that can be achieved in Animal Crossing: New Horizons through legal games is 660 Bel, although few people can achieve such a high price.


On the other hand, the lowest selling price may reach a painful single-digit 9 Bells. Of course, hacking can be used to adjust these maximum and minimum prices, but this is the organic limit of Turnip.


Common Turnip price models

The good news is that you don't fully understand the price expectations for the entire week, because the stalk market usually has some way of working. By tracking Turnip prices daily and identifying possible patterns, you can greatly increase your chances of profit!


Big spike pattern

Your Turnip price will initially drop in small amounts in a row, which seems to be a bad week, but at some point during the week, the price will start a series of increases, with the third increase being the largest "peak" price.


The peak-to-peak price of the big spike pattern may be as high as 660 bels or as low as 180 bels, depending on the initial purchase price on the island.


Need to pay attention to the knowledge after buying Turnip

1.         Once you have purchased Turnip in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you must pay attention to some restrictions on travel time. If you change the system clock backwards and load the game at any time while you have Turnip, the game will automatically destroy all your Turnips, even if it is not next Sunday.


2.         In addition, with the 1.2 version update, Turnip prices will be reset at any one minute, thus creating a new pattern. If your price has increased significantly, or you have already had a round trip, it may not happen again.


3.         After buying some Turnips from Daisy Mae on Sunday, the next question you will want to know is what to do with them before selling them. This is a brief introduction to your options for storing Turnip and which options do not work.


4.         Unfortunately, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" does not allow you to save Turnip in the house storage menu, and almost all other items can be stored. This is a great pain, so you must find another place to store Turnip while waiting to see Turnip.


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