Genshin Impact is available to play for free on PS4

Genshin Impact Account Genshin Impact is available to play for free on PS4 starting today! So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an adventure through an elemental world battling powerful enemies uncovering long-lost secrets and meeting a host of faithful companions along the way.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open world RPG supported by gacha purchases gambling for powerful characters and loot. Yes that aspect is a turnoff for me and it may be for you too and yet at least so far it sure seems like there is a whole lot here to experience for free without being pressured to spend money (though I imagine that bill will come due eventually).

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While the game is a lot of fun even on your own below you’ll discover whether Genshin Impact is crossplay and how to play with friends on PS4 PC and mobile.Yes Genshin Impact is crossplay and thus has cross platform multiplayer.

Online reaction to the game has been largely positive. Genshin Impact Account for Sale “Oh maaan Genshin Impact is really fun. I can’t wait to play moooooooore!” popular Twitch streamer Ms5000Watts wrote on Twitter. The free-to-play game was praised by others for not stepping too far into ‘pay-to-win’ territory whereby gamers are enticed to pay for add-ons to progress further.

If you were worried it would be “too anime” I don’t think it’s an issue and it’s just cool art and a halfway decent story and characters. If you were worried about it being a BoTW rip-off I mean it is but in a good way that is fun to play so who cares? Oh and did I mention your weapons don’t break?

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