EA released the latest announcement, NBA Live 18 in September this year on sale

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, EA released a variety of games at the E3 conference, including "Anthem", "A Way Out", "Need for Speed: Revenge", "Star Wars: Front 2", "FIFA 18" The It seems basketball players seem to be left out, but really is this? - Not so, because the company announced the new "NBA Live 18".It is reported that players will be able to play in the Xbox One and PS4 free trial "NBA Live 18", the official release of the game for September.And nba live 18 made a trailer on June 11.

Compared to two years ago, "NBA Live 16", "NBA Live 18" for a number of improvements, such as enhancing the player's control of the game, speed up the response to one-on-one game. In addition, EA said that they have added hundreds of new animations, interactions and styles to the new game, and the transition to the player's action, court awareness and body-based moves will also reach unprecedented levels.

"NBA Live 18" will have three game modes: Franchise, Ultimate Team, The One. Among them, Franchise mode refers to the players pick their favorite team and lead them into the playoffs; Ultimate Team allows players to select the NBA superstar to form a super team; The One, as the name suggests is to pick their own favorite Of a player for role control.
The most important thing is, "NBA Live 18" introduced a new play. This new game mode is called "The One", players can win in the league game and street games to win the honor and a variety of props. In the street game, you can use the NBA legendary players in the United States to play at all landmark locations. Venice Beach is one of the important venues. Developers also said that your choice in the street game will directly affect your game in the league. Players can also customize their roles in detail. EA said more details about the new model will be announced in the future.

It is reported that players will be able to play in the Xbox One and PS4 free trial "NBA Live 18", the official release of the game for September.

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