This the season for Fortnite Winterfest

Cheap Fortnite Account This the season for Fortnite Winterfest, which typically includes a heap of new additions to the Fortnite map. We can expect to see the Season 5 map get blasted with snow, along with returning seasonal items like the Snowball Launcher.

The Holiday updates trailer has already been leaked by Fortnite leaker “Mang0e”, and depicts a holiday theme for the game, snowmen, and a festive plane in the distance.

Additionally, with the leak of the Trailer, Mang0e found that environmental ice is mentioned in the game’s files.

Apparently, it has been in the works alongside fire in patch 15.00. With this system, Ice will be melted by fire and there also may be a way for water to turn into ice as well. If this does come to the game, it will most definitely be used for Winterfest. The purpose of the electricity effect is currently unknown.

Along with the new ice mechanic, previous Fortnite game leaks say there would be a couple of new things heading to the game for Winterfest. Some leaks point to a couple of new weapons including the Slurp Bazooka and the Christmas Flopper. One leak even said there would be a new Snowman NPC added to the game for Winterfest. The NPC may be the same snowman in the leaked Winterfest teaser trailer, but that could also be a new skin for players.

Fortnite leaker, Mang0e, received word from another source that a Winterfest 2020 teaser leaked on Twitch. The short 11-second video gave Fortnite players a brief look into what we’ll see Tuesday morning. Two new skins appeared, a candy cane and what most call ‘Snowmando,’ the latter of which is wielding a Snowball Launcher. The X-4 Stormwing — Fortnite’s airplane from Season 7 — is also in the sky above. Other than this trailer, the details remain secretive leading into Winterfest 2020, except for one unconfirmed theory.

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