Blizzard launched a brand new World of Warcraft mount for Sarge

Blizzard launched a brand new World of Warcraft mount for Sarge and it’s fairly simple to unlock the most recent cross-promotion celebrating the Hearthstone Mercenaries replace.

Players looking how to unlock Sarge in WoW will have to download Blizzard’s free-to-play online digital collectible card game. After that, the process gets much easier to complete to earn yourself a new mount.

If you’re only looking to get the mount, don’t worry too much. It shouldn’t take you that long. To claim your Sarge mount, you only need to complete Mercenaries’ introductory missions. After you have finished the prologue, all you need to do is start a new “Bounty,” but you shouldn’t even need to complete it.

In order to obtain Sarge, you will need to finish the tutorial and start a bounty.

  •     Login to Hearthstone and visit the new Mercenaries game mode via its start screen button.
  •     Complete The Prologue Tutorial Bounty which takes place in the Deadmines.
  •     Visit the Mercenaries Village and follow the prompts to build the Tavern, your collection manager.
  •         You will be using the Workshop building to construct other buildings.
  •         All the buildings required to unlock the Sarge mount are free to construct.
  •     Build the Campfire, your task board.
  •     Build the Travel Point, the place where you will set out on bounties.
  •     Visit the Travel Point and select the Ferocious Quilboar Bounty. Select your Party.
  •     Get a pop-up for the Sarge's Tale Mount which confirms you've finished the achievement.
  •     Login to World of Warcraft and visit your Mount Collection. Open your new gift.

If the mount doesn’t appear for you in WoW, then Blizzard has a step-by-step process of what players should do to help along the process:

  •     Log out of the Battle.net desktop app and all game clients.
  •     Start the Battle.net desktop app and log in to Hearthstone.
  •     Log out of Hearthstone, then into World of Warcraft. Check your mail for the mount.

The process to get Sarge shouldn’t take long but will require some people to download Hearthstone if they don’t already have it.

It’s unclear if the Sarge mount is a limited-time supply from Blizzard, so WoW gamers may wish to get a transfer on simply in case.

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