Blizzard is bringing out the ban hammer

It’s bad news for those who have been exploiting a certain bug in WoW Classic, as the development team is bringing out the ban hammer and bringing it down hard on cheaters. Hell hath no fury like a dev team scorned.

It appears those punishments are beginning to be rolled out, with u/DingoCrazy revealing an email in which Blizzard state that the account in question will be suspended for one month, and any items obtained through the exploit removed.

The team has now developed a fix for the issue and are currently deploying it worldwide. As of posting, the fix should be implemented in-game.


Along with patching things up, WoW Classic are also punishing cheaters and leaving no room for mercy. Kalvax’s post makes an ominous reference to taking “appropriate punitive measures” which, as Reddit user u/DingoCrazy found out, consists of a minimum one-month ban and having all exploited items permanently removed.

It is worth noting, though, that Blizzard will punish deliberate exploits retroactively, so if you discover a way of abusing a bug, doing so may well come back to bite you.

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