Blizzard has been running a list of bugs in WoW Classic for some time, which are not flaws at all

Blizzard has expanded the list of bugs in WoW Classic that are not, but are reported anyway. This time, there are some strange features that are sometimes startling.

These bugs have been reported: Blizzard has been running a list of bugs in WoW Classic for some time, which are not flaws at all. Players report circumstances they deem wrong, but in WoW Classic, they did. Nine new "bugs" have been added with an update on September 27th:

    Shield hand attacks triggered with the next weapon swing will not suffer a two-handed penalty.
    Eternal Quintessences are not yet available and will be released in a later phase of Classic.
    Stuns of Proc effects are not diminished by other stun effects and do not trigger diminishing returns (diminishing returns).
    Many plans and prescriptions of the Thorium Brotherhood appear only in later stages.
    Training dolls in Lower Town can not be attacked. In Classic, there were no such dolls.
    Overpower triggers are lost when the warrior changes targets.
    The Eye of Shadows has a much higher drop chance than many players think.
    The goal of the quest "The Touch of Zanzil" is not completed correctly when players lie down without having Doc Mixilpixil at the finish.
    A summoned beast of hell that is no longer controlled by the sorcerer attacks only opponents in PvP or those who are on its threat table. If no goals are within reach, they disappear.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the list needs to be expanded. Already with a first update players have continued to diligently use the message function and thereby brought three errors that are none at all on the list.
wow classic
That's what bothers players: two things in particular keep the players busy. The first are the training dolls, because many players know this probably from pirate servers. In Classic, they never really existed.

Players used the dolls on the other servers to easily train their weapon skills. In World of Warcraft, however, these only appeared between The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. However, here they could not be used to increase weapon skills. This was only possible with certain abilities on certain dolls.

The second point is the Shield Hand attacks. Players thought that was a mistake because it seemed too strong to many. The fact that these attacks are in fact not malus and therefore less likely to miss, is good for many melee classes.

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