Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade beta testing has begun

World of Warcraft Classic's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, is one step closer to releasing. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that beta testing has begun.

Beta testing for WoW Classic's first expansion began this month, Blizzard revealed over on the game's forums (via Wowhead). While still a closed beta, you can sign up to be chosen for beta testing by hitting opt-in over on the expansion's store page, adding your name to the pool of players randomly chosen to receive testing invites.

Upon clicking the option, player’s can’t actually click play, but they can begin the downloading process. There are no “keys” to get into the beta, as is the case for many other games. Instead, players get a chance at joining the beta through an opt-in process.

That’s it! As Burning Crusade Classic is a part of the Classic product and access is granted via a World of Warcraft retail subscription, there’s no option or need to preorder. Do note that there’s some tiny text indicting that a signup puts you on their email list, and there’s no way to opt out until you’ve received an email with an unsubscribe option.

The expansion will let you play as a Blood Elf or Draenei in WoW Classic. Content will be released in phases, letting you experience the Burning Crusade progressively over time. That means the community can prep itself for events like the opening of the Black Temple and the Sunwell. It will also reintroduce Arena PvP, jewelcrafting, and flying mounts to the WoW Classic experience.

While unconfirmed, we reckon The Burning Crusade will eventually launch later this summer or fall. You'll be able to boost one existing Classic character to 60 to jump into Outland immediately, with post-launch updates to drip in over the coming months.

While players can’t yet walk through the Dark Portal or even enter the beta, there’s a high likelihood that we could see people on it as soon as tomorrow.

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