Blizzard announced a series of improvements coming to Alterac Valley in the near future in WoW Classic

The "no changes" school of WoW Classic players are surely upset as Blizzard announces significant changes to Alterac Valley. This battleground has undergone many alterations through the years - especially during vanilla WoW. Though the game preserves many of the original World of Warcraft's bugs and flaws, Blizzard has chosen to make some alterations to Alterac Valley.

Blizzard announced a series of improvements coming to Alterac Valley in the near future in WoW Classic.

    They are working on a hotfix that will make honorless targets unlootable to discourage camping the starting caves.
    With the weekly maintenance in each region, you will be able to join Alterac Valley as a group of five, there will be no number in the name of the battleground in the "Join Battle" screen, and Alterac Valley won't start with just 20 players on a team.
    Starting next week, the calculations of diminishing returns will be updated to match patch 1.12 of original WoW. Honor will now decrease by 10% per repeated kill in both battlegrounds and world PvP.

World of Warcraft Traditional makes use of the framework of Alterac Valley in patch 1.12. At this level in vanilla, video games had shortened from taking on the higher a part of a day to lower than a half-hour. Facet quests inside the occasion have been gone. Elements of the map had collapsed, making it a lot smaller. The mighty Korrak the Bloodrager and his troll companions not camped Snowfall Graveyard. Alliance summon Ivus and Horde summon Lokholar have been nonetheless potential, however not the issue that they had been in previous iterations of the battleground. Many of the NPCs that, just like the aspect quests and different options that induced the video games to last more, added tons of taste, have been gone. However by way of stability, Alterac Valley had by no means been stronger. If you are in lack of World of Warcraft Classic Gold, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

For starters, Blizzard is going to hotfix “as soon as possible” to stop folks from camping the starting caves, by way of making honorless targets unlootable. Because people were doing this. Next week, the studio is allowing premades of five people to queue together and adjusting the team-size configuration. And after that? More changes for people who just can’t stop killing the same dudes over and over and over.

While these changes will significantly improve the quality of life in Alterac Valley, many players feel that WoW Classic shouldn't use the patch 1.12 version at all. Many argue that the game should use patch 1.5 - also known as the original Alterac Valley that represented at times a full work day-length battle. For many, this was the best version of the game as they feel it perfectly encompassed the flavor of vanilla WoW. As it is, these changes are a positive quality-of-life adjustment all around.


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