Best European Compete Against Each Other in the Mobile RPG Summoners War

For the first time, the Summoners War will take place in different regions here you can see exactly where the championships take place. The Summoners War 2018 European Cup will take place on September 22nd in Berlin at Kino International and here you will get all the information you need to know about the event. The Trial of Ascension is a special PvE area and Floor 70 yields a Devilmon. Every monster in the game is associated with one particular element.


If you love Everybody's Golf or you miss the late Pangya , Birdie Crush should catch your eye. The Com2Us Summoners War: Sky Arena golf game is currently in open beta on Android. The qualifiers will be online from August 12th. The winners of the qualifiers then meet in three regional Cubs: Tokyo, Los Angeles and Berlin. You'll want to focus on getting the weekly Devilmon first, then purchasing upgrades for the Mysterious Plant to help regenerate your Energy faster and the Sanctum of Energy to help raise your maximum Energy before investing in Speed and Damage Towers.


It's that time again: In the European Cup, the best European summoners compete against each other in the Mobile RPG Summoners War. Summoners' War: Sky Arena is a role-playing (RPG) mobile game developed by Com2uS. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Summoners War Account kindly go to our internet site. In it, you will arrive in the Arena of Heaven, a world in full war, where everyone struggles to obtain the Mana Crystals, the source of a vital item for the population.


Com2Us has announced that the Summoners War World Arena Championships will be held in Los Angeles on November 25th. Other events include contests, meetups, cosplay and more. The company has plans to expand its esports events throughout 2018. As per the press release sent out, the publishers look to make this an immersive event as they will allow fans to step into Sky Island itself with contests, and meetups with influencers and cosplayers.


In the case of Summoners War: Sky Arena, the glossy production values, tight core mechanics, addictive blend of monster summoning features, and arena warfare are good indicators that you've chosen a suitable endeavor. In the championship itself players from all over the world compete against each other, including Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.


Your objective will be to fight over 1,000 types of monsters to win the battle. For this, you must create your own army of monsters. The Summoners War World Arena Championship is the culmination of our fans unbridled enthusiasm and a terrific way to end such a momentous year, noted Casey Lee, CEO of Com2us USA. Summoning uses crystals, which are slowly earned or purchased with real-world money. Different types of Summon Scrolls determine the rarity and quality of your monsters, ranging from 1 to 5-star ratings.


Monsters fall into different roles as well, such as attackers, tankers, supporters, and defense-based creatures. This is calculated based on the monster's skills and stats, and in order to build a formidable squad you'll want to use Fusion to meld your monsters together.

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