American front-line medical personnel are running desperately short of masks

American front-line medical personnel are running desperately short of masks and protective equipment as they battle the coronavirus outbreak. China, already the world’s largest producer of such gear by far, has ramped up factory output and is now signaling that it wants to help.

Reaching deals won’t be easy. Increasingly acrimonious relations between Washington and Beijing are complicating efforts to get Chinese-made masks to American clinics and hospitals. A breakdown over the last few days in the global business of moving goods by air around the world will make it costly and difficult as well.

At heart, the two countries, which only recently reached a truce in President Trump’s trade war, have some similar problems. Both face harsh questions over their missteps in responding to the outbreak. Washington and Beijing make handy foils for each other — and essential protective gear could get caught in the middle unless they reach an understanding. If you are in lack of KN95 Mask, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

China has already begun engaging in “face mask diplomacy,” making sizable shipments to Italy, South Korea and the Philippines while promising or providing humanitarian assistance from Japan to Iraq and from Peru to Spain. A leading entrepreneur in China, Jack Ma, offered to donate one million masks and 500,000 tests to the United States.

The Trump administration is angry about China’s failure to share information about its own epidemic, as well as its role in propagating a conspiracy theory that the virus was started by the American military. The Chinese government is deeply upset about the Trump administration’s efforts in recent days to label the newly emerged coronavirus as a “Chinese virus,” and leery of being perceived by the Chinese public as too eager to help the United States at a time of bilateral tensions.

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