Aside from a handful of updates, PES 2021 is ultimately the same as last years game

The curtains open, the show begins! The 2020-2021 football season begins and Konami is the one who kicks off. eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update seeks to gain the advantage on the scoreboard by going ahead of its direct competitor and catching the attention of fanatics for the Breton sport.

For eFootball PES 2021, all of this adds up to a soccer game that feels great to play, even if it is slightly lacking in other areas. The $40 price tag makes that pill easier to swallow, though. Depending on what you're looking for on the virtual pitch, that will determine whether PES is the right option for you. If you're like me and enjoy playing through a season with some random teams that you've never heard of, then PES may be exactly what you're looking for. With solid controls and decent AI, PES 2021 is a competent alternative to FIFA from a gameplay perspective, but those who get excited about seeing their favorite teams succeed against their biggest rivals may want to pass on PES.

On paper, season updates feel like the answer to every annualised sports franchise’s problem: there’s just not enough bandwidth to innovate between titles when you’re held to a yearly release schedule. Not really. Not the kind of innovation that changes the way you play. What we’re faced with as football game fans this year is deferring gratification, sacrificing a good game to get a great one later. In a perfect world we’d review this year’s game next year, when we’d know how Konami used that extra time and resources.

What is most noticeable, with this new update, is the different level that each player has, since the highest level have a clear better control, dribbling and shooting, an element that is noticeable from the moment they take the ball, which causes them to make a considerable difference when taking the ball.

eFootball PES 2021 Season Update relies heavily on the special appearances of former players as playable characters in their pseudo-narrative modes such as Seja Uma Lenda and Liga Master, such as Zico, Romário and Maradona. However, there is not even a dubbing to complement what you see, it feels like a PS1 RPG with characters moving their mouths without any sound coming out.

Aside from a handful of updates, PES 2021 is ultimately the same as last year's game. So if you already have it, it's not worth the upgrade. But this release asks an important question of us, as gamers and as consumers: are we prepared to tide ourselves over on off-years with packages like this while developers strive for bigger innovations between major releases? Even in normal life, and without new console hardware on the horizon? It certainly seems a more honest business practice to clearly delineate season updates from true new main releases. Ultimately, an evaluation of - deep breath - eFootball PES 2021 Season Update is a review of the IP's business model as much as the football itself. And for the promise of greater leaps forward to come, I’m cautiously in favour.

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