About NBA 2K18 news, all we know at present

NBA2K18 is a classic basketball simulation game which taken the NBA real player data as backgroud, as well as one of the most sucessful works produced by Visual Concepts. The main design concept of the game is to let the player experience the subtleties of basketball through the meticulous and precise operation. For those who are unable to participate in the real event, the very realistic game screen and super excellent operation help them to realize their dreams. the in-game currency used to buy star player and upgrade team called NBA 2K18 VC.

According to Nintendo's official website, NBA 2K18 has been listed as one of the upcoming games for Nintendo Switch, which is expected to arrive sometime around September 2017. As of now, NBA 2K18's confirmed features are those already found in previous NBA 2K games. While at best, fans will receive an updated roster and a new gameplay in this forthcoming game.

Based on the report from The BitBag, 2K has not yet confirmed the arrival of NBA 2K18 on its usual major platforms. As recalled from previous releases, Sony, Microsoft and PC platforms always receive an NBA entry. Meanwhile, 2K are also planning on launching the game on both past and current generation of gaming consoles. Though, it is expected that NBA 2K18 will be announced on other platforms soon. Meanwhile, Nintendo console cannot carry all the load in terms of sales if they are going to do what they did on the past.

Nintendo has recently concluded their January 12 live stream for Nintendo Switch. Apparently, it revealed most of the games supported for the upcoming console. One of these games is NBA 2K18 which is found in their official site. Meanwhile, the popular sports game has yet to be confirmed in its usual platforms such as PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

With the arrival of NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo took almost four years to receive another NBA game considering the fact that NBA 2K13 on the Wii U was their last. In addition, it is highly recommended to wait for 2K's official announcement if you plan to buy the Switch just for this game.

Moreover, the Nintendo Switch listing reveals NBA 2K18 to feature the usual MyCareer, MyPlayer, MyTeam, MyGM and MyLeague modes. It is expected that players will most likely experience identical gaming environment with the previous version unless 2K decides to introduce a new system. Aside from players receiving updated rosters with updated stats, it is expected that new animations, GUI and HUD designs will arrive to NBA 2K18.

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