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Buy FIFA 18 Account - FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2: EA Sports Confirmed FIFA 18 Journey Mode with New StoryLines and Characters
We all know FIFA games are updated every year, this year FIFA game is expected to update to fifa 18. So fifa 18 the journey mode, the story line and the characters will be what?EA Sports Confirmed FIFA 18 Journey Mode with New StoryLines and Characters. Following the success of 2017 FIFA 17 Journey Mode with Alex Hunter's Story, the Journey Season 2 of po...


Buy FIFA 18 Account - FIFA 18 Release will be Later This Year
EA has confirmed that the "custom built" FIFA game coming to Nintendo Switch will be FIFA 18. Previously only officially referred to as "EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch", EA chief competition officer Peter Moore confirmed that the game will be the next full installment in the series during an interview with GameReactor. "Well, a...


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